Basic Blackjack Strategy

Some of you must think I’m one of those patient types that suffers fools gladly. But what would you have me do? Drive them off? Get a rep so fearsome that only the bravest of the brave would ever come near me? Well that’s never been my style. The fact that more’n a few of them’ll stump up for a drink is payment enough for my time. And, anyway, it’s more than a passing fascination of mine to see just how deluded some folks can get. So there’s me on my high stool at one of my regular Read more […]

A Little About Blackjack Basic Strategy

Most of the time when folks ask me questions, you know they just wanna to hear they have the right of whatever discussion we’re having. And ’cause I’m kinda amiable, I rarely turn the discussion into an argument. Life’s too short and I’m kinda on the old side to be getting into fights, so I just suck it all up — along with the alcohol to numb the senses. But every once in a while, folks are not just fishing for poker or blackjack tips. You get the feeling they actually want real answers. Read more […]