Beginners Guide

Though Blackjack is a game of luck it’s also a game of choice. The element of choice enables quick minded individuals to use the Blackjack table to their benefit. The Casino or House will always have a slight advantage over the players (they always do, that’s why they’re in the gambling business) but when effective Blackjack strategies are implemented the house advantage is reduced to just a slight percentage and when the odds are even, it’s anyone’s game.

Knowing exactly when to split, double, hit, stand, etc, is key in order be successful against the dealer. The following strategy will help you even up the playing field. Different casinos have different policies regarding what you can and cannot do on the tables. Casinos also differ in the amount of decks used during any particular game so your strategies might need modification depending on the casino. But the following strategy should work in different casinos with different policies, rules, number of cards or decks being used, etc.:

Universal Blackjack Strategy

Once you’ve been dealt your hand, check out the dealer’s face card. Then check out the hand you’ve been dealt and try to think about the options you have

  • A soft total of 18 or higher should be an indication to stay.
  • A hard total of 17 or higher also means you should stay.
  • If your cards total 11 or less points you should definitely hit.