What’s In a Name: Blackjack

21 April in Articles

There are many theories about how the name Blackjack came to be. When blackjack first became popular during the First World War, players began saying that any player who held an ace of spades along with a jack of spades or clubs was a black-jack. Soon enough, blackjack became very popular with the name alone. There were more people who knew that there was a game called blackjack than there was who knew how to actually play it. Nowadays it is quite popular for people to play blackjack without even knowing that online blackjack is available. The evolution of blackjack is ever-changing.

The idea that blackjack and 21 is the same game is true. The reason 21 is another name for blackjack is commonly known because of the mathematics of the game, however, it is a little known fact that there was once a parlor for the game of blackjack set up where there were 21 tables available. Now, this most likely has nothing to do with it, but the tradition of saloons and gambling halls offering 21 tables for blackjack alone was a very popular trend.

Blackjack online has come a long way from the casino games of the past. For instance, the edge that a blackjack player could have over the dealer was substantial providing, of course, that the player had great strategies. This was a rarity for blackjack players then, as I have mentioned, they knew there was a great game called blackjack but mostly likely had no idea how to play. Another way the game of online blackjack has evolved greatly from the historical game of blackjack is that the house or saloon owners made sure that they pulled whatever maneuver necessary to keep the edge for the house.

The game of blackjack offered a bonus for holding the cards that gave blackjack its name. Now that the game has changed slightly over time to give both the players and dealers a fair chance, the game is pretty much the only thing that has stayed over time. Online blackjack recognizes the history of blackjack while maintaining that it is a game that must move into the future. The fact that blackjack is a cool name doesn’t hurt its popularity either.

When you play online blackjack, you’ll join a community of people who love the game and many other online casino games. You can be sure that when you start to play, you’ll understand why there is an entire world of fans and lovers of the casino game Blackjack!

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