BLACKJACK Betting Method: The Martingale System

21 April in Articles

One of the easiest betting systems in the game of Blackjack is the Martingale system. This is an older and more traditional system of betting when playing blackjack so you can understand why it may be a popular choice. What makes this betting style so special is that it uses the negative progression style of betting. This betting style works with even money bets the best. When you decide to use this betting system, you can add it to the many tools you have to play online blackjack.

Allow me to explain how the Martingale betting method works: you bet 1 unit (a unit being an amount you’ve chosen prior to starting). When you win, you start all over again with just one unit being bet. If you lose, you double the bet (this means you bet 2 units). You continue doubling the bet until to finally win in which case you start back at betting 1 unit.

When you play blackjack online with this betting system, you’ll win at least one unit. It may take some time if you are on a downward trend for a while, but winning at least one unit will happen eventually.

The trouble is that with this betting method, playing with a larger bankroll is better. In this case, playing blackjack is not recommended, however it can definitely be done. You should use this betting method for blackjack online if you are advanced and have the basic skills in addition to a large bankroll.

If you are unsure of this method, refer to another form of betting. Playing online blackjack is about chance and fun, but you should never risk what you cannot afford. If you need to try out blackjack for fun first, do so.

There are more betting methods out there. Some work better for traditional casinos and some work better for online casinos. The bottom line is to pick the blackjack betting style that works best for you.

Good luck and have a great time with blackjack.

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